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Re: [Pan-users] Preserving Pan Session History Between XP/Mandriva

From: Christopher Boorman
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Preserving Pan Session History Between XP/Mandriva
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 20:54:10 -0500
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David Shochat wrote:
Christopher Boorman wrote:
I've got my thunderbird mail folder and my firefox bookmarks stored on a
separate drive so that whatever I do in one application when I'm in
Mandriva will be reflected in XP and vice versa. I'm looking for a way to
do this in Pan. Has anyone else had success with this?
I haven't actually done this, but it sounds like another job for PAN_HOME. On the Linux side, there are numerous ways to start pan conveniently with PAN_HOME set to a particular value. E.g. on my system, if I wanted my pan database on my vfat format USB drive, I could set PAN_HOME to /media/SEA_DISC/pan. Actually, I just tried at a bash shell prompt:
PAN_HOME=/media/SEA_DISC/pan pan
and it worked like a charm. I provided a news server, visited a group, read one article and exited. A pan directory had been created on the drive and it contained the usual things. Now I'm sure that you can do something similar in Windows (maybe you would set PAN_HOME to something like E:\pan). Now the only question is whether Windows pan will tolerate the Unix text file format. And when you exit from Windows pan, maybe it will write DOS/Windows format and the question will be whether the Linux version can handle that. Only way to find out is to try. I don't do Windows at home, so I cannot do the full test.
-- David

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Where would I find PAN_HOME? What text file would this be part of?

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