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Re: [Pan-users] setting PAN_HOME doesnt work

From: Beso
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] setting PAN_HOME doesnt work
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 20:50:52 +0000

2008/11/26 Michel Doodeman <address@hidden>:
> Hello,
> As can be read in the subject: I have a question about the Pan settings 
> variable because it fails me. I just cannot get it to work. If I set it to 
> whatever directory, e.g. with 'export PAN_HOME=/home/ice/.pan300' (and the 
> directory is present indeed), Pan still wants me to add servers from scratch 
> after launching. I echoed the environment to verify its value.
> So in other words, it does not read the alternative path in which settings 
> can be found. Am I overlooking something?
> Thanks in advance
how do you start pan? you should start it from the shell in which you
set the export or set the pan home as env variable.
else it will apply only to the shell session in which you lauched the export.

dott. ing. beso

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