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Re: [Pan-users] <Ignore the previous message> Re: setting PAN_HOME *does

From: Beso
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] <Ignore the previous message> Re: setting PAN_HOME *does* work; moving
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 12:49:31 +0000

2008/11/29 Michel Doodeman <address@hidden>:
>> Message: 2
>> Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 21:08:00 +0000
>> From: Beso <address@hidden>
>> Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Re: setting PAN_HOME *does* work; moving
>>       doesnt
>> To: address@hidden
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>>       <address@hidden>
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>> 2008/11/27 Michel Doodeman <address@hidden>:
>> >> Message: 2
>> >> Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 20:50:52 +0000
>> >> From: Beso <address@hidden>
>> >> Subject: Re: [Pan-users] setting PAN_HOME doesnt work
>> >> To: address@hidden
>> >> Message-ID:
>> >>       <address@hidden>
>> >> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1
>> >>
>> >> 2008/11/26 Michel Doodeman <address@hidden>:
>> >> >
>> >> > Hello,
>> >> >
>> >> > As can be read in the subject: I have a question about the Pan settings 
>> >> > variable because it fails me. I just cannot get it to work. If I set it 
>> >> > to whatever directory, e.g. with 'export PAN_HOME=/home/ice/.pan300' 
>> >> > (and the directory is present indeed), Pan still wants me to add 
>> >> > servers from scratch after launching. I echoed the environment to 
>> >> > verify its value.
>> >> >
>> >> > So in other words, it does not read the alternative path in which 
>> >> > settings can be found. Am I overlooking something?
>> >> >
>> >> > Thanks in advance
>> >> >
>> >> how do you start pan? you should start it from the shell in which you
>> >> set the export or set the pan home as env variable.
>> >> else it will apply only to the shell session in which you lauched the 
>> >> export.
>> >
>> > Ah yes. That does the trick indeed. What I did was exporting the path, 
>> > then starting it from menu. The original ~/.pan2 was differently renamed. 
>> > So logically Pan prompted me to add servers. This brings me to another 
>> > point:
>> >
>> > If Pan has been configured and its settings are stored to ~/.pan2 and you 
>> > then export PAN_HOME to e.g. ~/.pan300 and start pan, all groups 
>> > disappeared. Both 'subscribed' and 'other'. If I refresh the grouplist I 
>> > can see the newsgroups I once was subscribed to, displayed again. In bold, 
>> > under the 'other groups'.
>> > When I exit, again all groups disappeared from the list. I assume this 
>> > shouldnt happen.
>> >
>> copying over the .pan2 contents into the new location should be enough.
>> for example if you use it with the same user just doing a cp -a
>> ~/.pan2/* ~/.pan300/ would do a copy of the old .pan2 working dir in
>> the new location. under the groups directory you should have a list of
>> groups, which are the actual subscribed groups and that contain
>> the articles fetched in them.  at every restart pan should be able to
>> read the contents of these files and understand that they're
>> subscribed groups. from your description it seems that he recognizes
>> that he has articles fetched in these groups (the bold usually means
>> that there are new articles inside the groups) but doesn't recognize
>> that you've subscribed them. try lookin in the left pane (the group
>> one) as you should be able to filter by macro categories (subscribed
>> and other groups). after subscribing one group usually pan moves the
>> group from the other groups grouping to the subscribed one.
> That's the thing: I also copied with the -a switch, so it should be a 1 on 1 
> copy. When I set PAN_HOME to the new content, all groups have gone while they 
> ought to be in the grouplist. Filtering won't help, there are simply 0 
> groups. I must fetch the whole grouplist from my NSP, go through it to search 
> for the groups displayed in bold fonts and add them one by one. The >articles 
> are still remained intact though.
well, this is exactly the same thing that happens for me after copying
from another user (and after chowing to the new one the whole folders
and their contents). but after fetching the groups and subscribing i'm
not able to have them saved. i need to fetch their headers again.

dott. ing. beso

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