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Re: [Pan-users] Re: Advice on other lists

From: Ron Johnson
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Re: Advice on other lists
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 13:43:22 -0500
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On 2009-08-25 10:01, Duncan wrote:

But if it's all there on the MP3 player, there's no need to worry about trying to decide just /what/ to copy over, and then finding you're in a totally different mood, and it's the /wrong/ thing for your new mood, when you're on your trip and don't have access to just go grab something else.

However did we survive in the eras of CDs, cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, transistor radios, or before?

Or as I've mentioned, if you for instance get talking to someone about a band from two decades ago that you have a half dozen albums of... sitting at home on the computer!

That just doesn't happen too often.

(For me, though, R&R is about youth, which I left far behind long ago. I'm just not music-obsessed anymore (and I think that people constantly walking around with buds stuck in their ears is destructive to society).

Now get off my lawn!!!!


Obsession with "preserving cultural heritage" is a racist impediment
to moral, physical and intellectual progress.

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