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Re: [Pan-users] I have problems with some binary postings using yEnc

From: john wendel
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] I have problems with some binary postings using yEnc
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 11:49:23 -0800
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On 01/02/2010 09:48 PM, SciFi wrote:


My build of Pan here is having extreme difficulties with binary postings that
are in yEnc format but not marked on the Subject line as such.

See the clips below for what I mean, please.

I looked into where Pan stores each Message-ID (its articles-cache).

I see the poster is using a beta of Yenc-Power-Post.

I clearly remember this has been such a common mistake with some m$ software
over the years, and I do remember his posting app has been 'implicated',
historically speaking.

I told the poster via email, first of all, that the software is not following
established posting criteria -- it is suppose to put the chars 'yEnc'
SOMEWHERE on the SUBJECT line for EACH msg.

There is no real way for a newsreader to tell what a msg has in it UNTIL it
is too late -- i.e. until the body of the msg has been fetched, and by that
time Pan has probably already botched it.

Once the Subject line has the correct clue with 'yEnc' coded there, I think
these bugs will hopefully disappear.  This _has_ been the historical fix in
almost all such circumstances for a wide variety of softwares.

Secondly, Pan is definitely generating junk Message-ID strings somehow, we do
not see the simple ending of .com as his msg clip shows below.  Again I say
if the Subject line had the proper clue-string of yEnc, I think maybe this
might be fixed also.


Thank you for any help.

Pan-users mailing list

Total fail downloading this file. Got 2740 parts out of 6746. I don't think really think that this is a pan problem, since I download big files with thousands of parts successfully almost every day. Maybe someone could try to download with another newsreader, and see if they get a different result.



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