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Re: [Patch-gnuradio] moving avg for vectors, overlapping vector to strea

From: Johnathan Corgan
Subject: Re: [Patch-gnuradio] moving avg for vectors, overlapping vector to stream
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 09:04:08 -0700

On Wed, 2009-10-21 at 10:02 +0200, Martin Braun wrote:

> I submitted a couple of patches a while ago, but they seem to have been
> lost in the depths of the web. Perhaps they were simply discarded as
> unsuitable/unnecessary/pain in the behind, but since I never heard of
> them again I thought I'd resubmit them and create tickets for them (411
> and 412). I also attached them just in case. (If they were discarded, I
> wouldn't have minded a short notice).

Thanks for the patches.  I'm not sure if I missed the old ones.

> One of them allows the stream_to_vector to handle overlaps (it doesn't
> replace the old code, which it could, but adds a new block) and the
> other enhances the moving average to whole vectors.

I'll review these.

> Perhaps one of the devs could comment on whether this is the right way
> to do it or not: from what I understand, SVN patches are still OK until
> Johnathan says otherwise, and filing tickets is a fun way to keep track
> of all the stuff.

Attaching the patches to a Trac ticket is just fine.  Unfortunately,
when I saw #411 and #412 come in, there was no email address associated
with them, so I had no idea who submitted the patches.

Yes, we are still transitioning to git+(something else) from svn+trac,
and when we are ready we'll make an announcement.


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