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Re: [pdf-devel] Encryption filters

From: David Vazquez
Subject: Re: [pdf-devel] Encryption filters
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 02:03:15 +0200
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address@hidden writes:

> David, maybe would be a good idea to create a new module 'pdf-crypt'
> in the base layer containing functions to:
>  - de/encrypt pdf_text_t values.
>  - de/encrypt memory regions (buffers). This interface would be used in the
>    implementation of the crypt stm filters.
> The pdf-crypt module would centralise the use of libgcrypt and would
> also contain the MD5, etc functions.
> What do you think?

jemarch, it seems a good approach. Indeed just as you said, we can add
more advanced encryption in pdf-crypt later.

Do you want I work on it?

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