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Re: [pdf-devel] make syntax-check

From: Zac Brown
Subject: Re: [pdf-devel] make syntax-check
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2008 14:46:26 -0400
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address@hidden wrote:
 > Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2008 22:18:09 +0200
 > From: address@hidden
> > Rather than a script to do that, I suggest we write a bzr
 >    hook. It'd be good to just have a hook thats run after a commit
 >    (since you have to commit before generating a merge directive) and
 >    does syntax-check as well as running the test suite.
> > A pre-commit hook (if that thing exist in bazaar) makes more sense for
 > this, isnt it?
Hey jemarch, you can install it in pre-commit time just by changing:

branch.Branch.hooks.install_named_hook('post_commit', post_commit_hook,
                                 'Patch safety scripts hook')


branch.Branch.hooks.install_named_hook('pre_commit', post_commit_hook,
                                 'Patch safety scripts hook')

But that doesn't mean the commit isn't done (and I doubt you can avoid the
commit with a hook), so I guess it's the same at the end.



You can force a fail though using errors. You ask bzr to fail and it will.

We could do that. I'll submit a fixed version of that.


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