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[pdf-devel] Re: Improvements for the API consistency report

From: jemarch
Subject: [pdf-devel] Re: Improvements for the API consistency report
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 2009 16:32:51 +0100
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    > Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 22:18:44 +0100
    > From: address@hidden
    >     > Would it be possible for the check-api-doc-consistency.pl to tell 
if a
    >     > given function has unit tests defined (at least one) in 
    >     > and the number of tests? 
    >    Yes, it is possible. I only need to be 100% sure that a function named 
    >    has its unit tests defined in a file named 'pdf_bla.c' at 
    >    I believe we're using that norm for every test case but I'm not 100% 
    > Yes, we are. Also, the unit tests for a given function pdf_bla are
    > always named pdf_bla_NNN where NNN is a number.

   Here is a patch for the feature.
   The output now is as follows: "pdf_bla() ... ok (xx tests)". Notice that we 
   count tests for consistent functions.

Applied in the trunk. I also updated the apic2wiki script to include
the new information in the wiki report

Thanks Gerel.

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