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Re: [pdf-devel] [flyspray] Set up a mingw autobuild in gnupdf.org

From: Zac Brown
Subject: Re: [pdf-devel] [flyspray] Set up a mingw autobuild in gnupdf.org
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2009 21:35:13 -0500
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address@hidden wrote:
    >  Hi Zac.
    >     I can setup an auto build on a server I've got running. Other
    >     thoughts on where to do this autobuild are welcome as well.
    >  It is ok to host a mingw32 build on a different machine. It is a
    >  stable server?

    Until at least May 2010 its a stable server under my
    control. Shouldn't be a problem.

Superb, then. Do you need something special to set up the autobuild?

Would be good to get the unit tests report on wine published in the
website as we do with the GNU autobuild. It could use the same
mechanism, using mvs (a cvs-like frontend to mediawiki).

I don't think I'll need anything special. As you know, my laptop (and primary computer) is down for at least a day or two so it may be a couple weeks at best before I can get anything solid.

I'll let you know if I need anything.


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