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[Phpgroupware-cvs] api/accounts class.accounts_sql.php,

From: uid65886
Subject: [Phpgroupware-cvs] api/accounts class.accounts_sql.php,
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 07:31:39 -0000

Update of api/accounts

Modified Files:
     Branch: proposal-branch
            class.accounts_sql.php lines: +2 -2

Log Message:
*NOTE* Since Savannah was down for a long period of time, this is many of the 
changes I made locally.  Some things aren't finished and I might have forgotten 
to mention quite a few things I did durring the down time.  What I can remeber 
is as follows:

- Changed the way forms work, developers no longer specify there <form> tags,
  the API handles this. Its mainly due to the way statecaching works now.
  This only means, each screen can ONLY be *1* form.
- Total overhaul of statecache and op history, this isn't has cumbersum as the
  previous version.
- Fixed a number of image issues with IE
- Fixed table alignment issues with IE and Firebird
- Created widget for time fields
- Added in jscalendar and created widgets for it. (Note: This needs to follow
  users preferences)
- Fixed quite a few issues with layout on Opera
- Ported over nextmatchs, this needs a little twinking on how the op is
  passed, I don't think it should be a required field unless its an odd case.
  Chances are, I will change this.
- Note: There is a current bug with preferences not getting saved most of the
  time, I am looking into it.
- Started working on the ACL manager for single records. This is no where near
  complete and needs a lot of work.
- Started working on the infolog port (application name WILL change in the
  future, I hate the name infolog) I needed this as a test bed for multipage
  forms using tabs, making tabs in general work, ACL manager for single
  records on new records, etc. For this application to fully work, it needs
  contacts and categories. So, until those are complete, this application will
  NOT be usable.
- Removed some legacy code from the PostgreSQL db classes. The MySQL ones are
  NOT as up to date, they will require some updating. I am not worring about
  it now, becuase I will be rewritting the PostgreSQL ones first. It will be
  re-written using safeargs, and as an extended class like the 0.9.x ones, not
  to mention a ton of changes to make it cleaner and better error handling.

Index: api/accounts/class.accounts_sql.php
diff -u api/accounts/class.accounts_sql.php: 
--- api/accounts/class.accounts_sql.php:     Sat Nov 15 04:09:07 2003
+++ api/accounts/class.accounts_sql.php Thu Dec 25 02:20:18 2003
@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@
-                       elseif ($args['start'])
+                       elseif ($args['start'] != '##NOTSET##')

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