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Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] hello to Sieve

From: Tony (Angles) Puglisi
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] hello to Sieve
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 23:03:59 +0000

There's a "reference implementation" of a dummy Sieve UI page in HEAD, at
email/filters.php. There's a link to it on the top of the email/index.php with 
layout 2 template.

Those who have propere knowledge and authority are welcome to mess with it. I 
copied the look of a screenshot I found in some Mulberry docs, which has Sieve 
implemented in the latest version.

It does nothing except sit there and stare you in the face :)

Actually, the data you submit (if any) gets dumped to the top of the page to 
you can
see how the underlying things work.

I ALSO NEED A SEARCH UI PAGE!!!! (search is next).

I'm no GIU genious, I just did this to get it started. I need a way to input the
data, so someome help with this is most appreciated.

I'll probably put the filtering logic in its own class, not that it can exist
independantly of classes mail_msg and mail_dcom, but instead so that it is
compartmentalized so people may tinker with it, rip it out and use it elsewhere
(this is LGPL after all, but try to share the knowledge :), without it changing 
of the other email code.
that's "angle" as in geometry

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