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Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] Re: [ phpgroupware-Bugs-445721 ] email

From: Miles Lott
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] Re: [ phpgroupware-Bugs-445721 ] email password not saved.
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 13:16:40 -0600

Tony (Angles) Puglisi wrote:
> Miles Lott (address@hidden) wrote*:
> >
> >Please do not commit any more changes to the crypto or
> >sessions classes.  Submit patches to one of the project
> >admins.
> Am I a project Admin?

The admins are jengo, seek3r, skeeter, and myself.  ceb and knecke
are also major contributors and have either been admins or should
be, imo.  It is not up to me who becomes an admin, btw.

> Please recall:
> 1) I had fixed this crypto class long ago, during the .12 development, 
> however at
> the time there was a general "do not commit to API" ruling and I could not 
> commit
> the fix. Additionally, I was approved only to make a "workaround" for this 
> issue
> that could not be part of the crypto class. This workaround has now added to 
> the
> issue we face today.
> Conclusion: Had I committed the crypto fix then, these email thread would not 
> exist
> today.

The real fix that will come about as this is settled is one that the
definitely need to understand and be actively involved in coding.

> 2) Regularly I read bug reports on issues in .12 email that I fixed in the 
> .12.1
> branch. Regularly my response is to do a checkout of the .12.1 branch. 
> However, at
> the time, some people accused my of being a "non-team-player" by continuing to
> commiting to that branch.
> Conclusion: FUD != "Angles is not a team player". Quite to the contrary, a 
> "team
> player" takes the time to understand what the other guy is doing before 
> condeming
> it. Unquestionably aceeding to the FUD would have cause these bugs to persist 
> in
> the .12.x version.

You repeatedly ignored the requests of jengo and myself not to commit
these changes
to what was considered to be a stable release.  This is a matter of
policy, and we
cannot have developers making up their own minds about what is stable or
post release.

> 3) I have features which, if I add, I will get $50 US GREEN for. Certain
> restrictions will most likely bring about a repeat of the crypto fiasco 
> outlined in
> item (1).

I am doing a lot of work on the api and in other areas, for which i have
a grand total of $0.  Your motivation to commit to cvs should never be
of money.  It is disrespectful of the other contributors, especially
since many
of them are involved in rather large and/or multiple installations.

Since this crypto class problem is directly affecting me now, I will be
working to
fix it.  Some of your ideas and code that has been inserted into the
class will
most certainly be used.  I will be in touch with the other admins to
make sure
I am doing the right things.  Why?  Because they wrote the classes, and
I think better than the rest of us why they are the way they are.  No,
we don't
want to have a windows-esqe bug fix upon bug fix set of methods. 
this happens occasionally.

> Again, cummunication is the key. Please try to treat FUD as FUD, before 
> acting on
> it. I have a timetable to implement certain features while it's slow at work. 
> If I
> delay now, and if that delay turns out to be based on FUD, then the project 
> as a
> whole, in fact the "team" as a whole, will have suffered for it.

One of your primary goals here should be to make sure that the admins
are aware
and have understanding of what you are committing to the api.  Also,
keep in mind
that while this is supposed to be fun, it is also not an anarchy.  There
must be
some order to how things are done, with communication being done on the
terms of
the project admins, and especially our fearless leaders jengo and
Since I am often more present on irc and in cvs for the last several
months, I
feel it is my responsibility to maintain some sense of order in my
capacity as
a project admin.

> Thanks.
> p.s. If I sound pissed it's because I am working EXTREMELY hard to code these
> features while I have the time. When things get busy at work again, if these
> features are not in, features which I need and others need "before 
> yesterday", then
> I will have to wait for another lull at work, for which I can not predict.

I know you are working very hard, and it is appreciated.  But please
have some
respect for the whole project and its administration.  If jengo or
will step in and comment, then of course their opinions, if different,
override mine.  But, in my opinion, this project does belong to them.


Miles Lott -
phpGroupWare -

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