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Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] Error with email and Exchange Public Folde

From: Tony (Angles) Puglisi
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] Error with email and Exchange Public Folders
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 21:18:09 +0000

I looked closer at the error in your email.
"Houston, we have a problem" (more like Redmond...)

This string represents serialized data:
>{s:11:"folder long";s:5:"Tasks";s:12:"folder short";s:5:"Tasks";}i:2873;
>a:2:{s:11:"folder long";s:5:"Trash";s:12:"folder short";s:5:"Trash";}i:2
>874;a:2:{s:11:"folder long";s:9:"\Infected";s:12:"folder short";s:9:"\In

Which would look like this in a print_r dump if unserialized

some_array[0] to some_array[2872]
<...done snipping>
some_array[2873]["folder long"] => "Trash"
some_array[2873]["folder short"] => "Trash"
some_array[2874]["folder long"] => "\Infected"
some_array[2874]["folder short"] => "\Infected"

= = = = Problem 1: = = =
The above represents an array (we call it with "some_array") with at least 2,873
top level elements, i.e.
count($some_array) > 2,873

Did you say you had 300 public folders, or 3,000? If you have 300 public 
then we have a namespace issue because the email app is probably picking up 
in an NNTP news tree, probably with namespace "#news." but I've never delt with 
change server before... In any case, "#news." folders should only be available 
NNTP is enabled (and that's not coded yet) so I guess I could block "#news."
until "newsmode" is enabled.

Another reason I suspect a namespace issue...

= = = = Problem 2: = = =
Although I no longer cache "folder_short" (that's another story), it's extremely
illustrative that I was caching it at the time, because comparing
your "folder_long" to your "folder_short" names also shows an error.

"Folder Long" is the folder name WITH the user's personal namespace.
"Folder Short" is the folder without the user's personal namespace
BUT in the case of public folders "folder short" will be the same as "folder 
because it's extremely unnecessary to strip namespace from public folders 

Anyway, there's NO namespace anywhere in that array. If folder #2,873 is public,
both folder long and short should have a namespace (like "#shared."), but 

If those folders were user folders (private), then "folder long" should have a
namespace (usually "INBOX.") but it does not.

== FINDING: ==
Indeed, M$ is known to implement internet standard things is somewhat 
ways. I need some exposure to one to know how to deal with it's 
I never intended folder "caching" to handle 3,000 items, that's a job for a 
style client, with a dedicated database. But all this is guessing till I can 
under the hood.

Jean-Eric Cuendet (address@hidden) wrote*:
>I have a big SQL error when accessing the main email page since I set
>"Cache data wherever possible".
>The file is 550Kb long... so if someone is interested, please ask.
>The error is like that:
>Database error: Invalid SQL: insert into phpgw preferences
>(preference owner,preference value) values
>default";s:9:"tz offset";N;s:10:"dateformat";s:5:"d-m-Y";s:10:"timeforma
>t";s:2:"24";s:12:"template set";s:9:"idsociety";s:13:"navbar format";s:1
>4:"icons and text";s:15:"timezone offset";s:1:"1";s:7:"country";s:2:"CH"
>;s:17:"show currentusers";s:4:"True";s:11:"default app";s:8:"calendar";s
>mainscreen showevents";s:4:"True";s:8:"interval";i:60;s:13:"weekdaystart
>s";s:6:"Monday";s:14:"display status";s:4:"True";}s:11:"addressbook";a:4
>:{s:7:"company";s:16:"addressbook True";s:8:"lastname";s:16:"addressbook
> True";s:9:"firstname";s:16:"addressbook True";s:16:"default category";N
>;}s:5:"notes";a:2:{s:10:"notes font";s:34:"Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-
>serif";s:15:"notes font
><... snip - snip...>
>{s:11:"folder long";s:5:"Tasks";s:12:"folder short";s:5:"Tasks";}i:2873;
>a:2:{s:11:"folder long";s:5:"Trash";s:12:"folder short";s:5:"Trash";}i:2
>874;a:2:{s:11:"folder long";s:9:"\Infected";s:12:"folder short";s:9:"\In
>fected";}}s:20:"match cached account";a:2:{s:24:"mailsvr account usernam
>e";s:3:"jec";s:15:"mailsvr callstr";s:26:"{}";}}
>s:12:"portal order";a:4:{i:0;i:5;i:1;i:15;i:2;i:11;i:3;i:9;}s:12:"squirr
>elmail";a:8:{s:19:"mainscreen showmail";s:4:"True";s:10:"highlight0";s:3
>9:"Administrator,4444aa,Administrator,from";s:13:"move to trash";s:4:"tr
>ue";s:12:"trash folder";s:5:"Trash";s:12:"move to sent";s:4:"true";s:11:
>"sent folder";s:4:"Sent";s:12:"unseennotify";N;s:10:"unseentype";N;}}')
>PostgreSQL Error: 1 (ERROR: parser: parse error at or near "s" )
>File: /opt/phpgroupware/phpgwapi/inc/
>Line: 191
>Session halted.
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>E-mail: address@hidden
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