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Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] Usefull addons ?

From: Bob Crandell
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] Usefull addons ?
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 16:43:42 +0000

If it isn't too rude to build on this:  These options should all be adjustable 
the administrator for each user and group.  For example, if user A is to share 
address book with user B, it can be done without logging in as user A.


Tarjei Huse (address@hidden) wrote*:
>Since you guys are into wishlists now just before the new year, here's my
>tip :)
>the more options you add into an application, the more complicated it
>becomes to leart for a new user but at the same time the more usefull it
>gets for more users. This is a catch 22 situation that should be adressed.
>I suggest that both tts and project and maybe other apps should have more
>detailed config options for choosing what fields you want to use. Thus, the
>app can be set up to handle more possible situations without each user
>either having too many options (=bad because most users will not understand
>what options to use and what not).
>If this already is possible, don't flame me - I'm on vacation but I though
>the point would be valid anyhow .)
>> address@hidden wrote:
>>>  Dear All
>>>  I came across phpgroupware a few months ago, and I'm impressed by its
>>>  capabilities. After testing it for a few months, I came up with some
>>>  usefull additions (mainly to TTS).
>>>  1) Submitting TTS-tickets through email
>> I dont really think this is that useful, since tickets can be submitted
>> via xml-rpc. The way things work in phpGW this would be hard to do in
>> email because we dont auto process things like that. In most cases that
>> I can think of, the xml-rpc interface would work best. For example, if
>> you want to have some form on your website for users to create
>> tickets... the script and turn around and use the xml-rpc interface
>> instead of generating the email.
>>> 2) The ability for the customer to view the status of the submitted
>>> tickets
>>>  (only those submitted by customer). I think this is a special view
>>>  option. Perhaps this is already implemented, but I haven't figured
>>>  out yet how to do this.
>> I thought it did this, but if not good idea.
>>> 3)  Tracking worktime with each support call
>> Good idea
>> Some of the following can probably be done by making use of the
>> resources of the timetrack app. We would probably best be served by
>> making sure timetrack is n-tiered and then re-using that existing code.
>>> Some services includes free support. EG. Mail services includes 15
>>> minutes support each month, but you can only use this support in the
>>> current and the next month, so max_free will be 30 minutes. This
>>> prevents the free support minutes to increase too excessive, and then
>>> be used for a totally different problem.
>>> When you buy support (eg. when not using any product with included
>>> free support), there is an expiry time on those support minutes. We
>>> sell support on a regular basis (minutes per month, same mechanism as
>>> the included free support), but also on a when-needed basis: You buy a
>>> certain amount of minutes, which can be used in the coming next 12
>>> months. The expires-field is used for this.
>>> The support table is really an addon: There is no dependancy on
>>> another app (like a TTS-ticket). This table is only used to keep track
>>> of bought and used support minutes. Ofcourse the customer must be able
>>> to see how many minutes there are available, and on which problems the
>>> minutes are used (the TTS-tickets).
>>> Anyone willing to add this ? I would try myself, but I'm not familiar
>>> with the phpgroupware API or even OOP, so it will take quite some time
>>> if I do this myself... I tried to find additional information, but the
>>> relations between the different tables, and the mechanism of eg. ACLs
>>> are not well documented.  I will write down my experiences in setting
>>> these things up, so others can benfit from this. Are there any
>>> special tools in use for the documentation?
>>> Just my wishlist ( a bit late for christmas, but hey, my birthday is
>>> in March :*), but I think there will be others finding these addons
>>> usefull. I don't say the proposed tables/design is the perfect one,
>>> but it does give you the idea of how I want to use this.
>>> Any questions / feedback is appreciated, and a happy newyear for
>>> everyone.
>>> Regards,
>>> Marcel
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