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[Phpgroupware-developers] found the ldap backend bug - need some advice

From: Bradley W. Langhorst
Subject: [Phpgroupware-developers] found the ldap backend bug - need some advice on how to fix it...
Date: 12 Oct 2002 19:49:21 -0400

I've determined the problem with the ldap account backend

in the function get_account_name

$lid, $fname, and $lname are populated.

for users
$lid is just the uid from the ldap database
$fname is the 'givenname' field from ldap
$lname is the 'sn' field from ldap

Since I don't have givenname or sn in my database 
this code
        $drop_down[$lname.' '.$fname] = Array(...
just keeps overwriting the same index over and over again
and displays the last user that happens to be found in the db.

This may also be a memory leak - dunno...

I could add those fields to my ldap db but they're not required by the
phpgw schema - if we depend on them they should be.

is there any reason not to use the ldap uid for this index?

I'm going to try it and see but I thought I'd seek your comments in the
mean while.


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