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Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] More questions about Addbook module

From: Michael Meskes
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] More questions about Addbook module
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 15:53:52 +0200
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On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 11:18:14AM +1000, Ashleigh Gordon wrote:
> Thanks for the advice. I've got addbook working from CVS. However, we 
> currently have all our data in the addressbook module. Is there any easy 
> way to convert from addressbook to addbook, other than by dumping the 

Well, sort of, Just look under "administration/addbook". There is an
entry "Migrate old addressbook" which should do what you need. But we
warned that this is a pretty quick hack and expect errors. However, it
took very few manual work for me.

Michael Meskes
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