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Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] Filename Standards?

From: Chris Weiss
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] Filename Standards?
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 16:44:42 +0000

Core apps tend to stick to the "ideal" standards, but for an app that's "just 
you" you can do whatever works.  Having that flexability is nice sometimes.  
For a
simple example check out the Notes app.

The basic idea is to have a 3-layered structure, Storage (so), Backoffice (bo), 
User Interface (ui).  Basically, the web based apps will call the UI functions, 
then UI will call the BO, which will then call the SO.  The SO will retrieve the
requested data and hand it back to the BO, which will do any processing needed 
as turning serialized data in to arrays and other such things then pass that 
to the UI class.  The UI then only does formating and makes use of the 
templates to
send the formated data to the browser.

Why split it up?  Well, you can now have your app provide a XML-RPC interface 
bypasses the UI layer and makes the BO call and hands that data back to the 
client, and maybe another method that simply accesses the SO call and returns 
raw data if your "thick client" app is more suited to do the BO type processing.
Or even make another UI class that makes full use of the same functions as the 
UI class except maybe provides a WAP interface instead of HTML. this way logic 
seperated from interface and storage.

As for debuging, I use the old fasioned brute force method of echoing things in 
code.  There's probably a more elegant debuging medthod available though.

And for MySql, phpMyAdmin is the uber tool.

Joe Vandegrift (address@hidden) wrote*:
>I read your coding_standard.txt document but, I did not see any mention of
>standards.  I am researching pgpGroupware api and pgpGroupware development
>practices in
>order to learn how to develope applications for phpGroupWare.  I noticed
>that the class files
>in the inc/ directories usually have the letters "bo", "so", "hook", or,
>"ui" in to help
>catagorize the class functions.  What type of code goes in which of these
>files? I am guessing
>that "ui" stands for "user interface", and the o's probably stand for
>object, but I am unclear
>what sections of the applications code go in which directory and in which
>Also, I
>am new to PHP coding what are common practices for debugging/tracing through
>Finally, is there a well known GUI for browsing MySQL table data or am I
>stuck using
>the command line version of MySQL to check if my application is writing, or
>deleting the
>correct information in the correct tabels?
>Thank You.
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