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RE: [Phpgroupware-developers] Account/Address DB proposal

From: Lars Kneschke
Subject: RE: [Phpgroupware-developers] Account/Address DB proposal
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 17:34:24 +0000

Brian Johnson <address@hidden> schrieb: 
>Lars Kneschke (address@hidden) wrote:
>>A very important feature is the integration of the ldap-useraccounts
>>the addressbook.
>I don't know what this means.
>Could you please explain more or check the db schema at
> to see if it looks like it's
>being handled

I just mean, that it should be possible, that the phpgw-useraccounts are
also visible in the addressbook.

And it would also be nice, if we can use the internal phpgw-address-database
and a external LDAP/NDS/... what ever server. So the gui of the addressbook
should support multiple addressbooks.

Do you now understand what i mean?


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