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Re: SV: [phpGroupWare-developers] feature freeze and branching of trunk

From: Maât
Subject: Re: SV: [phpGroupWare-developers] feature freeze and branching of trunk
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 16:09:22 +0200
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Sigurd Nes a écrit :
So you will merge in (and fix) the code from the Interlink development?



dunno what this code does... if it does cool things a merge will be a good thing.

my thoughts :

we need to move on : if this merge+fix is not critical for phpgw and is likely to take a too long time to do we can consider the merge for .19 (or whatever version just after .18)

since egw fork we didn't release anything... worked long and made good things but nobody can see what have been done.

then let's move and if we can't do all we want for .18 then a part will be done just after... life will not cease after .18 :)

that's opensource refrain : Release early. Release often. ;)


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