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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Documentation (and other stuff)

From: Alex Borges (lex)
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Documentation (and other stuff)
Date: 22 Jan 2003 10:12:21 -0600

I think axisgroupware has already a neat wiki for phpgw related topics,
but most of us dont contribute to it.

Now, instead of scrapping that off, i say phpgw hackers should join it
and document in it. Its publicaly editable and in
(correct me if wrong). Axis team is lacking in ppl but i think this can
be a neat contribution for the phpgw project and we should all play with
it and contribute.

No need to set up another one! Lets just go and play with that

El mié, 22-01-2003 a las 00:15, Cyrus Mehta escribió:
> Hi,
> First off, since I have gotten a lot of help from the same people who seem 
> to get a lot of grief on top of all their efforts, I just want to thank the 
> people, like Chris Weiss, who do provide the unwashed, clueless or simply 
> uninitiated masses with PHPGW.  I have been on their side of the equation 
> and credit is rarely given.
> That being said, there is a legitimate beef about documentation, or the lack 
> thereof.  And since I know updating documentation is everyones LAST 
> priority, perhaps steps should be made to make it as easy as possible for 
> the experienced (or even the slightly experienced) to update, append, and/or 
> suggest what they found to work.
> Has anyone considered putting the framework docs for Admin documentation on 
> a Wiki or adding "User Contributed Notes"?'s documentation has 
> copious User Contributed notes on it and in a large number of cases, has 
> more notes than original content. Check out 
> and/or 
> .
> This way people can add their comments, suggestions, listmail 
> threads/hyperlinks,etc.
> It wont be perfect, but if I am a new user, and I go thru the hoops of 
> configuring something basic, I can add my experiences, hints, tips etc 
> fairly easily.  In fact, it can serve for my "What happens if I need to 
> reinstall" notes which I will leave on the server that will inevitably have 
> the hard disk burn to a crisp.
> Also if people who constantly answer the same questions had an EASY place to 
> update the info, they would probably avoid a great deal of repeat offender 
> questions.  For example, the infamous register_globals=on found in 
> thephpgroupware/phpgwapi/doc/php-configuration.txt could be listed at the 
> top of any "Before you install" docs.
> Cyrus
> P.S.  Thanks again Chris for the "register_globals" directive and location, 
> it solved a number of problems
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