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[Phpgroupware-users] Our website (or: Oops!)

From: Dan Kuykendall
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] Our website (or: Oops!)
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 15:36:09 -0800
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Well I really goofed this one.
In august I had made a the last backup of our websites database. I put it as a .bak file and also on tape. Thats all well and good... but I forgot to make more recent backups.

Today I was preparing for the switch to our new server (which I was pretty excited about the hardware upgrade) and I accidently deleted the main file instead of the .bak file. Doh!!

So at this point the database is just gone. I have no way to recover it.
I figure I will be able to rebuild the site from what I can grab from the august backup and also from memory... but I dont know of all the changes that have been done in all that time.

Well this sucks, but there are a couple good things.

1) We have new hardware for running the site. I got a new single proccessor 1.7Ghz box with 1GB of memory and an 80GB drive.
Hopefully this will allow us to once again host the demos on our site.

2) Might be a good time to switch to the new version of sitemgr that Michael is working on.

3) The site needed some attention anyways.

Oh well.. Im sorry for the hassle folks


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