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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Timetrack Error

From: Andrew Thurlow
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Timetrack Error
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 06:50:13 +0000

Hi Brian

How about these for features.

- The ability to completely close jobs which can then only be opened or changed 
an admin with no more time entries being able to be added.
- The ability for admins to change other peoples timesheets and add entries to
other peoples timesheets (for clean ups)
- The ability for admins to change the in/out (if its staying)
- The ability for non admins to check other people time sheets (perhaps another
group called timesheet checkers)
- The ability to change times by putting in numbers not clicking on arrows
- The ability to set time periods (not necessarily 15 minutes intervals, maybe 6
minutes if you are a lawyer :))

These are wishes as I think the app is excellent. I have noticed a few recent
improvements which help out to make things consistent.



apologies for not reading the full doco but that bit was a bit fragmented 
I was looking :)

Brian Johnson (address@hidden) wrote:
>Andrew Thurlow (address@hidden) wrote:
>>How did you go finding a substitute developer or helper for yourself?
>No .. still just trying to do it myself
>Playing with etemplate app that looks like it will simplify the db
>creation/upgrading, the output design, and a fair bit of the coding
>I'm considering redoing the entire app with it and add the features I want as 
>I go
>.. it will actually use a template system like R Schader always wanted
>Also, it seems definite that other developers are modifying the addressbook to
>the people from the orgs within the next few months .. and there is a inter-app
>record linking system in place .. so the addressbook would become the only 
>location for timetrack customers
>So if anyone out there wants features added to timetrack, make sure you post 
>the savanah site .. I just might roll a few into the next release (aiming for
>release in few months)
>This is where my witty signature line would be if I bothered to edit this line 
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