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Re: Tricks for Windows coding and win version status

From: Alberto Curro
Subject: Re: Tricks for Windows coding and win version status
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 19:06:00 +0200

> And what happens when you _run_ it in debug mode? (hit F5 in developer
> --
> Magnus Norddahl,
> Clansoft

  If you mean if the application works in a different way, no. The behaviour
is the same as the release one. The game starts running, and if I try to
play the game (click on the "Play" button), I see the play introductory
screen and when I click or press a key, the game stops running. No messages,
no crashes, nothing.

  Referring to debugging the application, I can place  breakpoints (of
course, I'm in debug mode) but when the application reaches the breakpoint,
the only window I can see for debug is CPU Window. I cannot place watches,
or inspect code, nothing...

  Any idea, Magnus. I don't know if anyone could do full debug.

  Info about my system :

        Windows XP Professional (Windows 2000 on the laptop)
        Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise + SP5 (laptop with SP3, also tried
without SPs)
        Tried with binaries and CVS releases. Now, I'm using the debug
libraries compiled from CVS sources.


        Alberto Curro

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