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Re: [Pingus-CVS] CVS: Games/Pingus BUGS,1.12,1.13

From: David Philippi
Subject: Re: [Pingus-CVS] CVS: Games/Pingus BUGS,1.12,1.13
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 17:46:59 +0200
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On Thursday 15 August 2002 12:59, Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
> One solution might be to have an AngledAxis which inherit from Axis
> and adds a get_angle().

I'd say that this is the wrong direction. Right now there are tho places 
AxisPointer / AxisScroller where the angle of an axis is required and one 
ActionAxis which doesn't need it.
I don't know what further uses will appear, but I consider it unlikely that 
there will be much more places where the angle isn't required.
An AngledAxis class would work but I don't see it right to split a class 
having *TWO* public functions only because one of them isn't used 

> We currently duplicate the angle code for every axis.

Not true, there are InvertedAxis, MultipeAxis and DummyAxis right now which  
have a different angle code from the rest.

> Anyway, we can leave it as it is for now, even so I have this feeling
> that it is not right.

I consider a class explosion with Inverted[Angled]Axis, Multiple[Angled]Axis 
etc. worse. It's not like the angle would eat up time in every update cycle. 
The only cost is the storage of one float.

Bye David

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