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Re: Website - Updated Suggestion

From: Neil Hotmail
Subject: Re: Website - Updated Suggestion
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 20:32:09 +0100

On Sunday 29 September 2002 20:57, David Philippi wrote:
> The design looks quite nice on a first glance but when I move the mouse
> over a link it vanishes - can't say that I like that. Changing colors are
> ok, but not to the background color. ;-)

> Sorry, my fault. I should have waited until the page was complete. ;-)
> After the background got loaded it worked like intended.
> But the developer zone looks a bit much like underground.

First impressions count, I'll give it some kind of CSS background underneath
for while the images are still loading, something I missed working off a
local copy.

> Anyway, I would probally change the colors to black text + something
> else for the background. Since black background + white text can get
> pretty quickly very hard to read.
Pick some colours, any colours - its 2 lines in the CSS file.

> The devel section should go into its own directory and the user
> section should only link to it via at least a single 'warning page'
> (If you going to enter this section you might spoil the game...
> yadada... 'Click here to enter, but only if you know what you are
> doing'...)
A separate developers directory is good (doing that now), but do they need a
specific warning page? Couldn't there just be a very clear link saying
"return to the normal web" on the first page of the developers stuff.

>Beside that, the background doesn't tile at the bottom, which results
> in ugly artefacts if the users window is to large, not sure if this is
>really a problem. We could probally add a background that fits to the
>current version.
That's Mozilla's fault, I've got round it with scrolling background instead
of fixed, Mozilla goes half way with each when set to fixed, giving random
I am also modifying the image to go down further, and putting a follow on
colour below that, so it should be fine on huge monitors.

> Between the Pingus-logo and the pingus/exit gfx is still a huge gap,
something should be placed there (section title maybe?).
Doing that now.


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