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Re: Windows Updates

From: Neil Mitchell
Subject: Re: Windows Updates
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 14:15:58 -0000

> without the patch it doesn't compile, with it it does. This just makes the
> enum type public which might not be a good idea (or it might, not sure).
| The problem is that VC++ doesn't make an inner class friend to the outer
| and vice versa. Since I don't like having the enum public, could you try
| wheter VC++ at least acepts a friend declaration? It would have to go
| the inner class so that it's already defined. I'm nearly sure that this
| work but VC++ (6) is really a very buggy compiler...
| I'll commit only the pingus.dsp for now.

If you send me a sample I'll try it, but I really just tend to ignore
protection issues in C++, it doens't seem a very "elegant" bit of the
language, and hence I understand very little about friends etc.


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