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Re: Status inquiry about some open bugs (Latin2 support)

From: David Philippi
Subject: Re: Status inquiry about some open bugs (Latin2 support)
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 22:33:57 +0200

Am Mon, 2003-08-18 um 19.46 schrieb Konrad Dabrowski:
> Any chance that Latin2 could be supported throughout Pingus ome time.
> I'm getting on with the Polish translation, but it'll take a long(ish)
> time before I finish it, so latin2 support is not urgent. (I can give
> more details about which characters are needed).

That bug is specific to the editor. Latin2 can be supported in Pingus at
short notice IIRC. The font is there and all that's required is to load
it depending on the language used. Do you have any estimate when you'll
be able to finish the Polish translation? I'd like to see it in the
0.6.1 release. Since we'd also like to have the old font back for 0.6.1
it will likely take quite some time before we can release it anyhow.
I've not gotten an answer to the question wheter the author himself will
draw the missing characters for us (and if so how long it'll take) so

Bye David

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