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Re: Loading of plf's no longer supported?

From: Josiah Ritchie
Subject: Re: Loading of plf's no longer supported?
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 13:18:39 -0400

First I tried this file and it didn't work:
Then I tried this file and it worked:

I don't have any .plf files aside from the ones I downloaded from the net. I
installed via 'emerge pingus' on Gentoo so perhaps my version of Pingus is a
little behind:

# pingus --version
PingusError: Couldn't open: /home/jritchie/.pingus/config
Pingus Version 0.6.0 (unofficial build)

Copyright (C) 2003 Ingo Ruhnke <address@hidden>
There is NO warranty.  You may redistribute this software
under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
For more information about these matters, see the files named COPYING.

Thanks for your response and patience with me. I believe 0.6.0 is that latest,
but it isn't supporting plf files?


David Philippi scripted ::

>Am Mit, den 08.10.2003 schrieb Josiah Ritchie um 17:03:
>> "Error caught from Pingus: PingusError: Loading of plf's no longer supported"
>That's an old error message which ought to be changed.
>> You probably now, but I got it when trying to run a level downloaded from the
>> site. Is there another way to do this level beta-testing? I tried it with the
>-e> & -l flags also. That that didn't work. 
>What type of level did you try to load? The very old .plf aren't
>supported anymore, then we had .xml levels but decided to name them .plf
>although they contain xml data to allow for the file ending to be bound
>to Pingus (xml is to general for that). If you try to load level.xml
>you'll get an error message, rename it to .plf if that's the case.
>Bye David
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