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Re: Timing and pingus operation

From: David Philippi
Subject: Re: Timing and pingus operation
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 21:56:12 +0200

Am Mit, den 15.10.2003 schrieb John August um 02:19:
> But, where exactly is the "Basher" text generated ? From this, I'd be able
> to see the path from the mouse movement to this text being generated.

VerticalActionButton::draw() does the text.
World::draw() is responsible for getting it called.

> Also, if I'm clicking on a pingu, where is that responded to ? As I understand
> it, clan lib generates signals which are processed at the front end by
> Pingus/src/input/buttons/mouse_button.cxx , but I don't understand how a
> pingu responds to the updates in the above routine.

Playfield::on_primary_button_press() is where you should start to find
the call sequence. It's somewhere in the middle and should you get what
you need to know.

> Presumably, each pingu is an "object" which knows when the mouse is on it
> (the box indicating its type and direction appears when the mouse is over
> it), and if it receives a "click" while this is happening, it changes state,
> eg. from a walker to a basher.

It's an object that knows how to move itself, drawing something around
it and suchlike is outside of the responisibilities of that class.

> Any clarification much appreciated.

You're welcome.
BTW maybe you should try
I think I'm not the only one who'd like to know wheter it'll help you
with further investigations.

Bye David

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