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Re: xml file alterations in 0.7.0

From: John August
Subject: Re: xml file alterations in 0.7.0
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 08:37:51 +1100
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On Sun, Jan 30, 2005 at 07:48:05AM -0800, Aggro wrote:
> --- John August <address@hidden> wrote:
> In the middle of addon to alias.xml you posted, there
> are lines like this, which I think don't belong in
> there:
> ------------------------------
> global search : groundpieces/ground/industrial/pipe2
> ------------------------------
> And if I add all of that to my alias.xml, I still get
> lot of error messages from it:

Yes, I got confused with cases during development. And there was the
debugging "global search" still in the text.

You still need to change "Textures" to "textures" to get the background
in the .pingus file, but the following text in aliases.xml should do the
trick :

<alias name="global/Buttons/pause" link="core/buttons/pause" />
<alias name="global/Entrances/space" link="entrances/space" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/Misc/piece8" 
link="groundpieces/ground/misc/bpiece8" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/Misc/piece9" 
link="groundpieces/ground/misc/bpiece9" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/Space/tower1" 
link="groundpieces/ground/space/tower1" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/pipe_dl" 
link="groundpieces/ground/industrial/pipe_bl" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/pipe_dr" 
link="groundpieces/ground/industrial/pipe_br" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/pipe_h" 
link="groundpieces/ground/industrial/pipe1" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/pipe_ph" 
link="groundpieces/ground/industrial/pipe4" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/pipe_pv" 
link="groundpieces/ground/industrial/pipe5" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/pipe_ul" 
link="groundpieces/ground/industrial/pipe_ul" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/pipe_ur" 
link="groundpieces/ground/industrial/pipe_ur" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/pipe_v" 
link="groundpieces/ground/industrial/pipe2" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/Sortie/column1" 
link="groundpieces/remove/misc/column1" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/Sortie/column2" 
link="groundpieces/ground/sortie/column2" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/Sortie/plate_forme" 
link="groundpieces/ground/sortie/plate_forme" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/Sortie/plate_forme_left" 
link="groundpieces/ground/sortie/plate_forme_left" />
<alias name="global/GroundPieces/Sortie/plate_forme_right" 
link="groundpieces/ground/sortie/plate_forme_right" />

After which, it pretty much goes. There's two rectangular patches of grey, and
I can't figure out how to do the level - maybe the dimensions are wrong ...

Anyway, I'd call that progress :)

It is, because it can be.

John August.

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