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Re: [playogg-discuss] playogg/faq: unclear phrase

From: ineiev
Subject: Re: [playogg-discuss] playogg/faq: unclear phrase
Date: Thu, 06 May 2010 16:47:09 +0000
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Hi, Oleg;

Oleg Koptev wrote:
Actually, not quite: we discuss the attitude of the campaign
to those who keep publicly available software proprietary (which
attitude results in certain "unclear phrases").

Agreed.  The question is - have our nice discussion some sense for compaign
:) ?

If our position is well-argued, the campaign pages will probably
take it into account.

Besides that, your humble servant is personally interested
in the information, and after all the campaign is about
educating the people, isn't it?

First decision false. I could know professional spy of course.
Second decision have sense - but with remarks - I can't know about ALL
developers for sure. But yes if I know some of them close enough, I can
claim it.

Generally, you can't: you can know they are spies.

You can claim it if you know about some of them anything that
makes the behaviour unlikely. if this is the case you'd better
enumerate directly their properties incompatible with spying
rather than say that you know them very closely.

You have will to not agree with EULA and press
'No' 'Quit' in anytime.
True. but this does not mean I want the feature. and if I don't,
if I find it desirable for me to remove the feature,
then I may speak of spying.

Sorry, can't catch you! Could you repeat it in Russian?

I'm sorry I could not be clear. in Russian it would be
"Если я соглашаюсь с лицензией в целом, это не значит, что мне
нравится этот пункт. а если он мне не нравится, и я хотел бы
его исключить, я могу говорить о том, что за мной шпионят."

 The question was not whether it was good or bad.
and the point is there were no voluntary consent;
it is to confirm that the campaign may call it spying.

The same here.

"Обсуждается не то, хорошо это или нет. дело в том, что
добровольного согласия фактически не было. это подтверждает,
что это можно называть шпионажем."

I wouldn't speak Russian any more here, though. my experience
shows I'm way more polite when speaking English.

 There are some guarantees essentially stronger
than the punishment, though (in my humble opinion).

Yep, I've adduce one. Could you add some another?

Besides the punishment? I've not seen.

The way I meant is of course not to give them power
they'll be able to abuse: use free software.


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