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RE: PSPP Download

From: blp
Subject: RE: PSPP Download
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2007 09:47:45 -0700
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[I restored the CC to pspp-users.  It's better to keep this on the list
so that any mistakes by either of us can be spotted and pointed out to
us by others.]

We do have some users who have successfully compiled and used PSPP under
Windows.  The released version 0.4.0 (at
is reputed to compile under the Cygwin compiler system for Windows.  The
CVS tree (via and the 2007.04.03
snapshot (at should compile and work under
both Cygwin and MinGW, if I understand correctly.

I don't have much experience with compilers under Windows, as I use GNU/Linux
almost exclusively, but if you run into trouble compiling under Windows then
we'd be happy to hear about it and do our best to fix it.

Quoting "Mason, Charlie L Mr CTR USA AMC" <address@hidden>:

Windows. Unfortunately, we don't have any flavor of Linux. Do you have
instructions for this?

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Subject: Re: PSPP Download

Quoting "Mason, Charlie L Mr CTR USA AMC" <address@hidden>:

How can I download and istall the software?

If you are using Debian GNU/Linux, you can install the PSPP package with
"apt-get install pspp".

Otherwise, you can download the source code and compile and install it
locally.  If you want instructions for doing this, then please write
back and we can help you out with it.

What operating system do you intend to install PSPP on?

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