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Re: Free Software X Windows

From: unknown-1
Subject: Re: Free Software X Windows
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 11:46:07 +0200

> 2009/9/18
>> Hello,
>> A teacher told me that he is worried about the Windows version of PSPP.
>> According to him I'm collaborating with Windows and fighting against Free
>> Software,
>> since with my binaries the users don't have to change to a open OS.

In my opinion switching application software and OS in 1 step is a to
bug challenge for most of the users. First switching to multi platform
sofware makes a user free to decide what (s)he wants/likes.( And then
a lot turn away from MSWindows and chose free software.) I haven't
seen a succesfull big bang switch with OS and applications together

So I agree with you.

Have fun

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