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Re: [psynth-user] installing this app

From: Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente
Subject: Re: [psynth-user] installing this app
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 19:32:39 +0100
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On 09/01/12 10:13, andu novac wrote:
> Thanks for answering, I finally installed Ubuntu 11.04 and used the
> deb files available and that got Psychosynth running. Before that I
> tried to compile it and although I had all dependencies installed
> configure was still complaining, never mind now.
> What you did so far is very nice work and I had a lot of fun with it.
> On my not so fast computer the interface was quite slow and it crushed
> while saving preferences. I think a lot of people are being put off by
> the difficulty of getting the right dependencies for compiling though.
> Not being a programmer I can only provide feedback related to user
> interaction.

Thanks for the feedback.  We will try to fix the issues on the latest
Ubuntu build (Alex can you take a look at that?).  I agree on the
dependencies being hard to get right, sometimes almost impossible.
Regrettably the user interface was implemented with Ogre+Cegui having
problems in many distributions. Hopefully some time in the future I will
have time to write a more usable and easier to install UI, but now I am
too busy.  As for the user interface thing, the program is in general
running quite fast, but it requires an accelerated graphics card for the
3D stuff which might be your bottleneck -- once again this is something
that would be solved with the UI rewrite.



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