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[Qemu-arm] [PATCH 00/26] SDCard housekeeping

From: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
Subject: [Qemu-arm] [PATCH 00/26] SDCard housekeeping
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 20:19:59 -0300

Now that we have a way to write qtest in Python, lets start with a simple test
to perform basic card identification, covering many functions of the sd/sd.c

[patch 1]
When a device is not MMIO-connected but rather plugged into a Bus, it is easier
to write tests using QMP.
So we add a 'sdbus-command' entry to directly operate on a SD Bus.
(Note this method should also work with all other QBus).

[patch 2]
We write a simple pyqtest, which
  - resolve the SDBus QOM path in the test setup()
  - verify default values for SD Spec v2.

Since have a test, lets run after each patch, so we are sure we don't break 

[patch 4-14,20-23]
Add a bunch of trace events
[patch 3,11,15-18]
Aesthetic changes mostly
[other patches]
Trivial changes

Once this series applied, booting some Linux on a vexpress-a9 with few
sd*command traces enabled result in this outputs (which result useful to
understand/fix the different SD implementations):

48.687227:sdcard_normal_command         IO_RW_DIRECT/ CMD52 arg 0x00000c00 
(state idle)
48.687233:sdcard_command_response (no response) (state idle)
48.689237:sdcard_normal_command         IO_RW_DIRECT/ CMD52 arg 0x80000c08 
(state idle)
48.689244:sdcard_command_response (no response) (state idle)
48.690877:sdcard_normal_command        GO_IDLE_STATE/ CMD00 arg 0x00000000 
(state idle)
48.690890:sdcard_command_response (no response) (state idle)
48.723486:sdcard_normal_command         SEND_IF_COND/ CMD08 arg 0x000001aa 
(state idle)
48.723507:sdcard_command_response 00 00 01 aa  (state idle)
48.723886:sdcard_normal_command      IO_SEND_OP_COND/ CMD05 arg 0x00000000 
(state idle)
48.723892:sdcard_command_response (no response) (state idle)
48.724019:sdcard_normal_command      IO_SEND_OP_COND/ CMD05 arg 0x00000000 
(state idle)
48.724023:sdcard_command_response (no response) (state idle)
48.724110:sdcard_normal_command      IO_SEND_OP_COND/ CMD05 arg 0x00000000 
(state idle)
48.724115:sdcard_command_response (no response) (state idle)
48.724178:sdcard_normal_command      IO_SEND_OP_COND/ CMD05 arg 0x00000000 
(state idle)
48.724181:sdcard_command_response (no response) (state idle)
48.724999:sdcard_command_response 00 40 01 20  (state idle)
48.725214:sdcard_app_command         SD_SEND_OP_COND/ACMD41 arg 0x00000000 
(state idle)
48.725225:sdcard_command_response 40 ff ff 00  (state idle)
48.727113:sdcard_normal_command        GO_IDLE_STATE/ CMD00 arg 0x00000000 
(state idle)
48.727125:sdcard_command_response (no response) (state idle)
48.729206:sdcard_normal_command         SEND_IF_COND/ CMD08 arg 0x000001aa 
(state idle)
48.729213:sdcard_command_response 00 00 01 aa  (state idle)
48.729339:sdcard_command_response 00 00 01 20  (state idle)
48.729412:sdcard_app_command         SD_SEND_OP_COND/ACMD41 arg 0x40300000 
(state idle)
48.729419:sdcard_command_response c0 ff ff 00  (state ready)
48.729786:sdcard_normal_command         ALL_SEND_CID/ CMD02 arg 0x00000000 
(state ready)
48.729797:sdcard_command_response aa 58 59 51 45 4d 55 21 01 de ad be ef 00 62 
19  (state identification)
48.730825:sdcard_normal_command   SEND_RELATIVE_ADDR/ CMD03 arg 0x00000000 
(state identification)
48.730835:sdcard_command_response 45 67 05 00  (state standby)
48.731221:sdcard_normal_command             SEND_CSD/ CMD09 arg 0x45670000 
(state standby)
48.731228:sdcard_command_response 40 0e 00 32 5b 59 00 00 0d 47 7f 80 0a 40 00 
00  (state standby)
48.732012:sdcard_normal_command SELECT/DESELECT_CARD/ CMD07 arg 0x45670000 
(state standby)
48.732021:sdcard_command_response 00 00 07 00  (state transfer)
48.732419:sdcard_command_response 00 00 09 20  (state transfer)
48.764983:sdcard_app_command                SEND_SCR/ACMD51 arg 0x00000000 
(state transfer)
48.765000:sdcard_command_response 00 00 09 20  (state sendingdata)
48.766951:sdcard_command_response 00 00 09 20  (state transfer)
48.767159:sdcard_app_command               SD_STATUS/ACMD13 arg 0x00000000 
(state transfer)
48.767168:sdcard_command_response 00 00 09 20  (state sendingdata)
48.966731:sdcard_normal_command  READ_MULTIPLE_BLOCK/ CMD18 arg 0x00000000 
(state transfer)
48.966763:sdcard_command_response 00 00 09 00  (state sendingdata)
48.974869:sdcard_normal_command    STOP_TRANSMISSION/ CMD12 arg 0x00000000 
(state sendingdata)
48.974877:sdcard_command_response 00 00 0b 00  (state transfer)
50.044308:sdcard_normal_command          SEND_STATUS/ CMD13 arg 0x45670000 
(state transfer)
50.044330:sdcard_command_response 00 00 09 00  (state transfer)



Based-on: address@hidden
          (QTests: use Python to run complex tests)

Philippe Mathieu-Daudé (26):
  sdbus: add a QMP command to access a SDBus
  sdcard: add Python qtests
  sdcard: use ldst API
  sdcard: replace fprintf() -> qemu_log_mask()
  sdcard: rename sd_set_mode() -> sd_update_mode()
  sdcard: add sd_set_mode()
  sdcard: add sdcard_set_mode() trace event
  sdcard: add sd_set_state()
  sdcard: add a sdcard_set_state() trace event
  sdcard: use more detailled state/mode trace events
  sdcard: use warn_report() instead of fprintf()
  sdcard: replace DPRINTF() by trace events
  sdcard: add more trace events
  sdcard: use qemu_hexbuf_strdup() to trace command response
  sdcard: use PW_LEN define instead of '16' magic
  sdcard: let cmd_valid_while_locked() returns a bool
  sdcard: rename sd_set_REG() functions called by sd_reset() as sd_reset_REG()
  sdcard: move Memory Card registers together
  sdcard: add DSR register
  sdcard: add/use SD_CMD_MAX to check valid SD commands
  sdcard: add sd_cmd_abbreviation() to resolve the SD command id
  sdcard: reduce sd_cmd traces
  sdcard: add ACMD trace events
  sdcard: use a 16-bit type for the 16-bit RCA register
  sdcard: add/use a SDCardCommandClass enum instead of magic numbers
  sdcard: add/use a ccc_spi enum for the commands supported in SPI mode

 qapi-schema.json       |  41 ++++
 hw/sd/core.c           |  43 ++++
 hw/sd/sd.c             | 519 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 stubs/qmp_sdbus.c      |  11 ++
 hw/sd/trace-events     |  17 ++
 stubs/Makefile.objs    |   1 +
 tests/Makefile.include |   2 +
 tests/sdcard_tests.py  | 172 ++++++++++++++++
 8 files changed, 617 insertions(+), 189 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 stubs/qmp_sdbus.c
 create mode 100755 tests/sdcard_tests.py


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