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[Qemu-arm] [PATCH v3 00/42] SDHCI: housekeeping, add a qtest and fix few

From: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
Subject: [Qemu-arm] [PATCH v3 00/42] SDHCI: housekeeping, add a qtest and fix few issues
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2017 14:48:51 -0300

Since v2:
- more detailed 'capabilities', all boards converted to use these properties
- since all qtests pass, removed the previous 'capareg' property
- added Stefan/Alistair R-b
- corrected 'access' LED behavior (Alistair's review)
- more uses of the registerfields API
- remove some dead code
- cosmetix:
  - added more comments
  - renamed a pair of registers
  - reordered few struct members

Note, the bcm2835 seems to have 1KB minimum blocksize, however the current
model is implemented with 512B. I didn't change the current value.

Since v1:
- addressed Alistair Francis review comments, added some R-b
- only move register defines to "sd-internal.h"
- fixed deposit64() arguments
- dropped unuseful s->fifo_buffer = NULL
- use a qemu_irq for the LED, restrict the logging to ON/OFF
- fixed a trace format string error
- included Andrey Smirnov ACMD12ERRSTS write patch
- dropped few unuseful patches, and separate the Python polemical ones for later

>From the "SDHCI housekeeping" series:
- 1: we restrict part of "sd/sd.h" into local "sd-internal.h",
- 2,3: we somehow beautiful the code, no logical changes,
- 4-7: we refactor the common sysbus/pci qdev code,
- 8-10: we add plenty of trace events which will result useful later,
- 11: we finally expose a "dma-memory" property.
>From the "SDHCI: add a qtest and fix few issues" series:
- 12,13: fix registers
- 14,15: boards can specify which SDHCI Spec to use (v2 and v3 so far)
- 15-20: HCI qtest



$ git backport-diff
[----] : patches are identical
[####] : number of functional differences between upstream/downstream patch
[down] : patch is downstream-only
The flags [FC] indicate (F)unctional and (C)ontextual differences, respectively

001/42:[0003] [FC] 'sdhci: clean up includes'
002/42:[down] 'sdhci: sort registers comments'
003/42:[down] 'sdhci: remove dead code'
004/42:[----] [--] 'sdhci: refactor same sysbus/pci properties'
005/42:[----] [--] 'sdhci: refactor common sysbus/pci class_init()'
006/42:[----] [--] 'sdhci: refactor common sysbus/pci realize()'
007/42:[0001] [FC] 'sdhci: refactor common sysbus/pci unrealize()'
008/42:[----] [--] 'sdhci: use qemu_log_mask(UNIMP) instead of fprintf()'
009/42:[----] [--] 'sdhci: convert the DPRINT() calls into trace events'
010/42:[down] 'sdhci: add a GPIO for the 'access control' LED'
011/42:[----] [--] 'sdhci: move MASK_TRNMOD with other SDHC_TRN* defines'
012/42:[down] 'sdhci: use FIELD_DP32() macro for the WRITE_PROTECT flag'
013/42:[down] 'sdhci: rename the SDHC_CAPAB register'
014/42:[0008] [FC] 'sdhci: fix CAPAB/MAXCURR registers, 64bit and read-only'
015/42:[----] [-C] 'sdhci: Implement write method of ACMD12ERRSTS register'
016/42:[down] 'sdhci: use deposit64() on admasysaddr'
017/42:[----] [-C] 'sdhci: add a "dma-memory" property'
018/42:[down] 'sdhci: add a spec_version property'
019/42:[down] 'sdhci: add basic Spec v1 capabilities'
020/42:[down] 'sdhci: add max-block-length capability (Spec v1)'
021/42:[down] 'sdhci: add clock capabilities (Spec v1)'
022/42:[down] 'sdhci: add DMA and 64-bit capabilities (Spec v2)'
023/42:[down] 'sdhci: default to Spec v2'
024/42:[down] 'sdhci: add a 'dma' shortcut property'
025/42:[down] 'sdhci: add BLOCK_SIZE_MASK for DMA'
026/42:[down] 'sdhci: Fix 64-bit ADMA2'
027/42:[down] 'hw/arm/exynos4210: implement SDHCI Spec v2'
028/42:[down] 'hw/arm/xilinx_zynq: implement SDHCI Spec v2'
029/42:[0022] [FC] 'sdhci: add qtest to check the SD Spec version'
030/42:[down] 'sdhci: check Spec v2 capabilities qtest'
031/42:[down] 'sdhci: add v3 capabilities'
032/42:[down] 'sdhci: rename the hostctl1 register'
033/42:[down] 'hw/arm/bcm2835_peripherals: implement SDHCI Spec v3'
034/42:[down] 'hw/arm/fsl-imx6: implement SDHCI Spec v3'
035/42:[down] 'hw/arm/xilinx_zynqmp: implement SDHCI Spec v3'
036/42:[down] 'sdhci: check Spec v3 capabilities qtest'
037/42:[down] 'sdhci: remove the deprecated 'capareg' property'
038/42:[0008] [FC] 'sdhci: add check_capab_readonly() qtest'
039/42:[0009] [FC] 'sdhci: add a check_capab_baseclock() qtest'
040/42:[0011] [FC] 'sdhci: add a check_capab_sdma() qtest'
041/42:[----] [-C] 'sdhci: add a check_capab_v3() qtest'
042/42:[down] 'sdhci: add Spec v4.2 register definitions'

Andrey Smirnov (1):
  sdhci: Implement write method of ACMD12ERRSTS register

Philippe Mathieu-Daudé (40):
  sdhci: clean up includes
  sdhci: sort registers comments
  sdhci: remove dead code
  sdhci: refactor same sysbus/pci properties into a common one
  sdhci: refactor common sysbus/pci class_init() into sdhci_class_init()
  sdhci: refactor common sysbus/pci realize() into sdhci_realizefn()
  sdhci: refactor common sysbus/pci unrealize() into sdhci_unrealizefn()
  sdhci: use qemu_log_mask(UNIMP) instead of fprintf()
  sdhci: convert the DPRINT() calls into trace events
  sdhci: add a GPIO for the 'access control' LED
  sdhci: move MASK_TRNMOD with other SDHC_TRN* defines in "sd-internal.h"
  sdhci: use FIELD_DP32() macro for the WRITE_PROTECT flag
  sdhci: rename the SDHC_CAPAB register
  sdhci: fix CAPAB/MAXCURR registers, both are 64bit and read-only
  sdhci: use deposit64() on admasysaddr
  sdhci: add a "dma-memory" property
  sdhci: add a spec_version property
  sdhci: add basic Spec v1 capabilities
  sdhci: add max-block-length capability (Spec v1)
  sdhci: add clock capabilities (Spec v1)
  sdhci: add DMA and 64-bit capabilities (Spec v2)
  sdhci: default to Spec v2
  sdhci: add a 'dma' shortcut property
  sdhci: add BLOCK_SIZE_MASK for DMA
  hw/arm/exynos4210: implement SDHCI Spec v2
  hw/arm/xilinx_zynq: implement SDHCI Spec v2
  sdhci: add qtest to check the SD Spec version
  sdhci: check Spec v2 capabilities qtest
  sdhci: add v3 capabilities
  sdhci: rename the hostctl1 register
  hw/arm/bcm2835_peripherals: implement SDHCI Spec v3
  hw/arm/fsl-imx6: implement SDHCI Spec v3
  hw/arm/xilinx_zynqmp: implement SDHCI Spec v3
  sdhci: check Spec v3 capabilities qtest
  sdhci: remove the deprecated 'capareg' property
  sdhci: add check_capab_readonly() qtest
  sdhci: add a check_capab_baseclock() qtest
  sdhci: add a check_capab_sdma() qtest
  sdhci: add a check_capab_v3() qtest
  sdhci: add Spec v4.2 register definitions

Sai Pavan Boddu (1):
  sdhci: Fix 64-bit ADMA2

 include/hw/sd/sdhci.h        |  59 ++++-
 hw/sd/sdhci-internal.h       |  81 +++++--
 hw/arm/bcm2835_peripherals.c |  35 ++-
 hw/arm/exynos4210.c          |  13 +-
 hw/arm/fsl-imx6.c            |  12 +
 hw/arm/xilinx_zynq.c         |  64 ++++--
 hw/arm/xlnx-zynqmp.c         |  38 +++-
 hw/sd/sdhci.c                | 513 +++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 tests/sdhci-test.c           | 177 +++++++++++++++
 hw/sd/trace-events           |  15 ++
 tests/Makefile.include       |   3 +
 11 files changed, 718 insertions(+), 292 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 tests/sdhci-test.c


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