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Re: [Qemu-arm] Running qemu-system-arm with stm32f303

From: James Hanley
Subject: Re: [Qemu-arm] Running qemu-system-arm with stm32f303
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2018 08:20:36 -0500

I’m not sure you can specify a pipe (executable) argument to -serial, but you can specify a tcp listener (or even client) and then have the python script connect to it (or wait for connection)

On Jan 10, 2018, at 7:07 PM, patrick JP <address@hidden> wrote:


I am running QEMU v2.11.0 to run my .elf, a bare metal code.
The .elf runs in my stm32f303 board, flashed via stm32flash.
My objective is to run the .elf in my machine to do testes over the serial communication, running socat PTY,link to create a bridge between /dev/deviceIn and /dev/deviceOut, where /dev/deviceIn would be qemu -serial argument and /dev/deviceOut the path for my python script.

Right now, I am running:

qemu-system-arm -machine versatilepb -cpu cortex-m3 -nographic -monitor null -serial null -semihosting -device loader,file=file.elf
output: segmentation fault (core dumped)  qemu-system-arm -d cpu,in_asm -machine versatilepb -cpu cortex-m3 -nographi

qemu-arm -d cpu,in_asm -cpu cortex-m3 -B 0x08000000 file.elf

qemu-system-arm with .elf return the same error with .elf.
qemu-arm with .elf return Error while loading file.hex: Permission denied.

Someone know how can I solve or debug problem ?

My best regards.

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