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RE: [Qemu-devel] Wine on ARM/XSCALE or alternate low power/low cost

From: Yelich, Scott D.
Subject: RE: [Qemu-devel] Wine on ARM/XSCALE or alternate low power/low cost
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 10:37:28 -0400

Hi --
There are probably quite a few people who would be willing to help out at some level -- myself included.
I currently have a few Zaurus models (5600, 700, 760) -- with pxa255/xscale @4 00MHz -- these are
running OZ (5600), cacko QT (700) and pdaXrom (760).  There is a cross compiler for pdaXrom available
at www.pdaXrom.org -- http://www.pdaxrom.org/index.php?showid=33&menuid=11 
I believe it's also possible to log into the iPAQ cluster at handhelds.org.  If desired, I can make one of my PDAs
available for logins via the net.
Should we try to get organized in some way so we can see exactly who is interested in this, and who can help?
 -- ie: a wiki page somewhere?
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Subject: [Qemu-devel] Wine on ARM/XSCALE or alternate low power/low cost

Hello all,
First off, I am very pleased to see the existence of the QEMU project. I want to thank all who helped provide this. I hope I can make some useful code or documentation contribution in the future.
Okay, so my goal is to be able to run a few win32 applications on my PDAs. Almost all of my PDAs have an xscale processor on them, i believe they are PXA-255 from intel. I have confirmed that my desired win32 apps work reasonably well using wine on regular x86 linux.
Based on this and from some browsing, I believe that what I would need to do is run wine in an x86 emulator for an arm host on linux. In QEMU terms, I believe this is: user mode emulation of an x86 cpu on an xscale (arm) host cpu with the desired application being wine.
Looking through the mailing list archives, I found a post that seems to suggest that at least one other person has tried something similar. Here's the link:
From reading that post from 18th Jan 2004, it appears that the state of wine on arm using qemu is not yet functional. If that's the case, then I'd like to help debug or at least test the current code with the goal of bringing this to reasonable functionality. Please let me know if this goal is in sync with that of QEMU.
The next steps that I'm going to take are as follows:
- get a Familiar based crosscompile system on my development x86
- build a nice clean arm distribution
- build qemu within this distribution
- run wine on qemu
- world domination!
I look forward to any feedback/suggestions/advice that anyone might have.

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