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[Qemu-devel] My W2K Guest Status

From: Tim
Subject: [Qemu-devel] My W2K Guest Status
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 11:43:59 -0500
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Since I started using Qemu, I have been testing it out repeatedly with
win2k as a guest on my Debian machine, and have had various levels of
success.  (Linux under Linux has worked great for me, btw.)

My current status is this:
  - I am able to complete the installation of win2k pro off of standard
    install media (no service packs).
  - Networking with tun devices works fine for my needs.
  - I am unable to patch the machine after installation.

Because of M$'s wonderful error messages, I am having a hard time
narrowing down what operations are causing patches to fail.  Yesterday I
tried again (current CVS), and these are the results I got:

  - SP4, via windows update: patch downloads successfully, checks my
    system configuration, then gets halfway through the installation
    process, and quits.  It reports an error of "An error has occured".
    (literally, that descriptive)

  - Just for kicks, I tried installing the newest DirectX:  Downloads
    successfully, then begins installing.  After a short time, the dx
    installer segfaults.

I have also tried installing IE SP1 before.  When I do this, it installs
successfully, but afterward, windows update doesn't work at all.

My guess is that some kind of hardware probing/fingerprinting that the
installers are doing is returning something unexpected, and their
wonderful code just bails out when it gets something it doesn't expect.
In any case, I am attaching the DrWatson log from the directx installer
crash, in the hope that it is useful to someone.  (I can also provide
the dump file, but it is rather big to post to this list.)

Is there some way to closely monitor what these programs are doing on
the Qemu side?  I am not very good at debugging in Windows, if there was
some useful output from Qemu I could collect and submit, how would I do

Oh, and here's some incentive:  The first person to submit a license
compatible patch (against current CVS) to the list which fixes the SP4
installer problem, gets a pat on the back, and $40 US via paypal.  (Or
if it gets magically fixed in CVS, then Fabrice can claim the prize.)  I
know it isn't much, but it's all this college student can afford.  I
would really like to see this fixed, so I can eliminate VMWare from my

thanks, and great work so far,

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