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Re: [Qemu-devel] FreeOSZoo will stop March 1, 2005

From: Asko Kauppi
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] FreeOSZoo will stop March 1, 2005
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 10:23:52 +0200

Another, or complimentary, way to make money would be to have a working "Linux on Mac" solution. There is none.

This was discussed recently on the Mac-on-Linux (MOL) mailing list, and offers for 'donations' (against a working implementation ;) started to drop in.. I see both MOL and QEMU to have the capabilities to do what it takes, a 'Virtual Linux' box running under OS X. Oh, PowerPC flavor, not x86..

Still another.. Something like Scratchbox (embedded Linux sandbox environment, targetting Linux/ppc and Linux/arm from Linux/x86 host), but for the PowerPC host. That's basically just an extension of the above plan.


18.2.2005 kello 06:29, John R. Hogerhuis kirjoitti:


I've followed this project for a while, and though I'm not surprised the
zealots are coming out of the woodwork, I am surprised by the vehemence
of some of the long time users.

I think your strategy is sound. You need a benefactor, and QEMU is
certainly useful enough to deserve that. I don't see the problem of
using your new kqemu as a temporary lever to get you and your project to
the next level. No one is losing anything, and if your strategy works,
everybody will gain. My point of view: Free software isn't about being
Jesus, holding hands and singing Kumbaya... it's about getting what we
want, the way we want it... Free, Open Source, High Quality, Soon, and
without putting developers in the poor house. If you have a stategy in
mind to maximize those benefits, utilizing some new code you wrote, I
say, why the heck not?

I hope your lever gets what you want. All of this doom-and-gloom is just
a lot of noise, the way you've licensed this from the beginning as free
and open source, your other FLOSS projects, and should engender a lot
more trust than people seem to be granting you.

The conspiracy theories about QEMU-fast are absolutely ludicrous. It was a kludge, a stop-gap dead-end. Patched kernels is really not a long term
solution. Good for what it was. Personally I never bothered running

Good luck with your strategy, I hope it works out.

-- John.

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