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Re: [Qemu-devel] Patch to fix Mac OS X compilation

From: Jonas Maebe
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Patch to fix Mac OS X compilation
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 15:29:31 +0100

On 19 feb 2005, at 21:00, Jonas Maebe wrote:

And again a more improved patch (I think). This one includes a special case/hack for Mac OS X for __op_gen_label. Now qemu doesn't crash anymore when trying to boot freedos, but it doesn't show anything either. I just get a black screen. The same goes for reactos, so I guess it's some endless loop while emulating the bios or so.

Here's the semi-final fix (stupid bug in my previous patch). FreeDos can now boot, so long as you do not load any drivers. The reason is that the emulation of the loope instruction goes wrong, and that instruction is used in himem.sys (but does not occur when booting without it). The problem is that this is the assembler code generated by gcc for op_loopzw:

0x74370 <op_loopzw>:    mflr    r0
0x74374 <op_loopzw+4>:  stw     r0,8(r1)
0x74378 <op_loopzw+8>:  stwu    r1,-64(r1)
0x7437c <op_loopzw+12>: lwz     r0,48(r27)
0x74380 <op_loopzw+16>: rlwinm  r0,r0,3,0,28
0x74384 <op_loopzw+20>: lis     r2,12
0x74388 <op_loopzw+24>: lwz     r2,-16636(r2)
0x7438c <op_loopzw+28>: lwzx    r12,r2,r0
0x74390 <op_loopzw+32>: mtctr   r12
0x74394 <op_loopzw+36>: bctrl
0x74398 <op_loopzw+40>: lhz     r0,6(r27)
0x7439c <op_loopzw+44>: cmpwi   cr7,r0,0
0x743a0 <op_loopzw+48>: beq-    cr7,0x743b0 <op_loopzw+64>
0x743a4 <op_loopzw+52>: andi.   r0,r3,64
0x743a8 <op_loopzw+56>: beq-    0x743b0 <op_loopzw+64>
0x743ac <op_loopzw+60>: b       0x296eb0 <__op_gen_label1>
0x743b0 <op_loopzw+64>: lwz     r0,72(r1)
0x743b4 <op_loopzw+68>: addi    r1,r1,64
0x743b8 <op_loopzw+72>: mtlr    r0

At address 0x743ac, the branch to __op_gen_label1 gets patched so it points to the basic block coming after the loopzw. In that case, LR does not get restored (it was destroyed at 0x74394 by the bctrl), so the next blr which gets executed returns to 0x74398. This causes an endless loop, obviously.

This does not seem to be Mac OS X-specific at all, and should also happen under Linux/ppc I think.


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