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[Qemu-devel] Re: importing VMWare image

From: Thomas Schweikle
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Re: importing VMWare image
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 11:38:24 +0200
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Nardmann, Heiko schrieb:
> Am Mittwoch, 10. August 2005 10:14 schrieb Adam Bradley:
>> Yves Trudeau wrote:
>> > Filip Navara a écrit :
>> >> Yves Trudeau wrote:
>> >>> Hi,
>> >>>    I am trying to use a VMWare Win2k image in Qemu-0.7.1.  I imported
>> >>> the image with qemu-img successfully but when I lauch qemu, I have
>> >>> the first part (in text mode) of the win2k boot with the progress bar
>> >>> but as soon as it attempt to switch to graphic mode, qemu freezes.  I
>> >>> tried "--stdvga" and booted win2k in safe-mode with no result.  Is
>> >>> there someone who successfully imported a VMWare image? Any hint will
>> >>> be appreciated.
>> >>>
>> >>> Yves
>> >>
>> >> The hardware emulated by QEMU and VMware is different. You might want
>> >> to try running the image in VMware and reinstalling "Standard IDE
>> >> driver" instead of the one that is used and then importing the image.
>> >>
>> >> - Filip
>> >
>> > I tried all the "standard" drivers I could find without success, still
>> > the same problem.  I want to import this vmware image because I have a
>> > software, Mindmanager, that runs well under vmware but not under Qemu,
>> > altought the installation raises no error.
>> >
>> > Any other suggestions?
>> How about a seperate hardware profile with almost everything disabled.
>> Could ACPI be causing you problems?  If so, it might be time to switch
>> HALs.
>> Adam
> I have a similar problem with a Windows XP image. I choose "Abgesicherter
> Modus" (translation "Safe Mode" ?) but the last thing I see is something
> about agp440.sys.
> I already use '-std-vga' and have tried '-isa', too, but without luck.
> Is this issue solved now?
> I have thought that Windows does some hardware autodetection at startup?
> I am going to change some Windows settings while running the image inside
> VMware and will come back then.

VMware uses other HW emulations than Qemu does (as already
mentioned). It might be a good idea to copy the images, then run
"sysprep" on these copied images (you'll have to start a new VM with
these copied images first). This removes all HW dependent drivers
(and some other stuff), afterwards you have a Windows with all your
private data, but with a default, virgin hardware setup. Importing
these images into Qemu will make Windows detect all hardware again
and install the necessary drivers.

"sysprep" is on your Windows XP CD, if you have an original one, not
a "system restore CD". Look into "CDROM:\SUPPORT\TOOLS\DEPLOY.CAB".

There is also a document about sysprep in this file. I recommend
reading it before you apply sysprep!


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