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Re: [Qemu-devel] why is kqemu closed?

From: Jim C. Brown
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] why is kqemu closed?
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 11:25:27 -0400
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On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 05:14:59PM +0200, Jonas Maebe wrote:
> On 11 apr 2006, at 17:05, Leonardo E. Reiter wrote:
> >what if I am a hardware vendor in a desperately competitive market,  
> >such as say, video cards.  Releasing my source code to the driver  
> >would mean giving up some IP that allows me to surpass the  
> >capabilities of my competitor for a few weeks.
> Actually, the reason ATi and NVidia don't open source their graphics  
> drivers is because they are both afraid that as soon as as they do  
> that, the other one will sue them into oblivion based on software  
> patents.
> See http://wiki.ffii.org/Smirl041025En for the full story.
> Jonas

I wonder, could it be possible that Fabrice is worried about the same
thing? Who holds the patents for x86 virtualization technologies?

Then again, Fabrice is in France iiuc... 

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