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Re: [Qemu-devel] ?off? ide/code editor under linux

From: Thomas Steffen
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] ?off? ide/code editor under linux
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 13:13:31 +0200

On 8/6/06, NyOS <address@hidden> wrote:
I'm looking for a good IDE (or just a good code editor) under linux.
My first try was kdevelop approx. 3 years ago (2.2.2 version). It was too
complicated. 3.x.x is a bit unstable.
Vi is unconfortable for me,
I prefer using pico and gnu nano, but it's too stupid for some tasks.

Good taste. Vi (at least the original version) is completely obsolete.
gvim seems ok, but since I don't like modal interfaces, it is not for
me. Emacs or XEmacs is the other big editor, and it comes with
countless packages to improve the editing experience. However,
development speed is quite glacial, so don't the expect the latest
fashion any time soon.

Takling about kdevelop, I found it a bit lacking in advanced editing
features, but otherwise it seems alright. Eclipse would be similar,
but the performance can be an issue depending on your JVM.

There's usually a headers.h file with global headers and global constants
(e.g. stdio.h, #define-s)

Think about some magic using cproto etc... to generate your header
files from the source files. I find it very satisfying to have
everything in one file instead of two.

A bash script can create this (and I have bash scripts for creating new
modules, adding new functions, etc..), but it'd be good to have an IDE
that can create (according to a template file) these, inserting module
name lowercase or uppercase at different places.

I am not sure I would make this the deciding issue for chosing an IDE.
It should take one search and replace to do this (Emacs can preserve
case), or one call to your script.

Syntax highlighting is good, tab replacing is bad (drives patch/diff

Emacs also has very good reindentation support, which I use a lot.
Tabs are preserved by default (and KDevelop can be configured to do

Ok, to be more ontopic, it's a good solution to install and run context in
a QEmu instance under win32, and mounting a samba share, but I think there
must be some better ones.

Hehe, I did that with a dos editor in the days of dosemu. But I would
certainly look for a lightweight solution like wine: it just
integrates a lot closer with the Linux environment.


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