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Re: [Qemu-devel] Re: hosting the forum

From: René Korthaus
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Re: hosting the forum
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 21:57:08 +0200

Am 04.10.2006 um 20:30 schrieb Pablo Virolainen:

Ottavio Caruso kirjoitti:
From: "Hetz Ben Hamo" <address@hidden>

Due to some personal problems (related to financial situations) I'm
longer being able to keep paying the server which hosts the QEMU

Therefore, I'm looking for someone who can host the QEMU forum
if possible, the nightly snapshots).

I am sorry that you have to give up on the forum. However I hope
whoever takes over to improve the features of the forum itself (I'd
like to see ssl enabled when I log in) and prevent spamming. The last
month the forum was horribly spammed and I am sure many have
potential good posters have gone for good.

Have you also considered to switch it to a mailing list, ideally
hosted here? A qemu-user mailing list would be nice.


Forums have moved to http://qemu-forum.ipi.fi (and it shouldn't be that easy for automated spamming engines to register accounts any more)
Qemu snapshot can be found at http://qemu-forum.ipi.fi/qemu-snapshots/

I must thank Nomovok ltd [1] for donating little of my time (yes.. I'm beeing paid) for the Qemu forum hassle.

[1] http://nomovok.com/

Thanks for hosting it! And thanks also to Hetz for hosting it throughout the last years. Really many qemu users appreciate it!

Q - http://kju-app.org

Pablo Virolainen

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