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Re[2]: [Qemu-devel] Config file support

From: Paul Sokolovsky
Subject: Re[2]: [Qemu-devel] Config file support
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 03:18:31 +0300

Hello Rob,

Wednesday, October 25, 2006, 2:28:47 AM, you wrote:

> On Monday 23 October 2006 9:38 pm, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
>>   Maybe. But where are new chips in qemu? Why there're still only 2
>> ARM boards? How do I "stick" wi-fi card in one of them? So the concern
>> is not just if it's easy to add new devices or not, but if there're means
>> to actually support appearance and growth of device library. Plugin system
>> would be a "decree" that there's a stable API to define devices and
>> welcome for 3rd-party developers to develop them.

> Because the lack of a stable internal API has completely prevented Linux from
> getting any sort of device support.  It runs on far less hardware than things
> like Solaris, with such a stable API...

  Oh, c'mon, Rob! I really didn't want to ask Paul Brook that, but
sure you'll fix my cluelessness right here, right now - tell me, tell me,
why Linux has dynamic-loadable modules support, which clueless passers-by
like me call "plugins"? It must be closed-source diversion, no? Those Linux
guys should really take that GPLv3 pill, don't you think? Yummy! ;-)

>> P.S. This is not a troll

> People who are not trolling generally don't have to _say_ they aren't 
> trolling.

  Well, let's face it - that's your comments on *.PIF files and XML
parsers that add spice (*1) to the discussion. So don't be surprised
that people start to reassure... ;-)

  Oh, and while we still talking (and to add even more confusion),
how'd you guys managed to kill "ps ax" to work in busybox 1.2.1? I
really miss it here, when loading my embedded images into QEMU...

> Rob

*1 flamy

Best regards,
 Paul                            mailto:address@hidden

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