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Re: [Qemu-devel] Qemu on Windows: Redirect output to console

From: Stefan Weil
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Qemu on Windows: Redirect output to console
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 22:58:11 +0200
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Hi Peter,

there already exists a QEMU command line option -nographic which
disables graphical output and redirects the first serial port
of the emulated machine to the console.

With QEMU running Linux in text mode, this works fine - you will
"see" the boot messages and can run a shell or any text application
from the console, so it should be possible to analyse this output
with a screen reader.

QEMU can also redirect any serial port to pipes, so some
speech synthesizer like "festival" could be connected directly.

This URL describes the command line options -serial and -nographic:

I have no idea how you can access graphical interfaces like MS Windows.


Peter Laursen schrieb:
> Hi everyone,
> I have downloaded the 0.9.0 version of the Qemu source code and managed
> to compile it using MinGW and MSYS. But I face a problem with the
> compiled binary.
> I am blind and therefore need to redirect the output from the guest OS
> to a standard Windows console or a software speech synthesizer so that
> a screen reader will be able to read the output produced. What
> functions will I eventually need to modify? A text console would of
> course be preferred.
> My main reason for hoping to getting this to work is to allow blind
> people to experiment safely with other operating systems - it would
> also minimize the learning curve.
> I hope that you will be able to point me in the right directions as to
> which source files and functions I would need to change. I have
> searched through the source files and googled for documentation for the
> source code, but I didn't find any. I also searched to see if there
> were any patches that might accomplish the work - I was unable to find
> any.
> I look forward to hearing from you.
> Peter.

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