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Re: [Qemu-devel] rtl8139 not working with VISTA 32bit

From: Steven Hu
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] rtl8139 not working with VISTA 32bit
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 09:27:12 +0800

This is a tested step by step enable the network and audio under vista32 on Xen.
1.  Download latest Vista driver for the RTL8139 series cards from the
Realtek site.  There is one dated 2007/4/26, version 6.103.  I used
this file.
2.  Install the files, follow setup. If your Vista crashed, please go
to the Save Mode and remove the network driver.
3.  Copy C:\Program Files\Realtek\VISTA_8139\WINVISTA\NetrtOEM.inf to
a folder called 'Temp' on your Vista desktop.
4.  Find a Server 2003 machine, and copy C:\Windows\system32\drivers
\rtl8139.sys (I Using ISO file under Linux) to the same Temp folder on
your Vista desktop.
5.  Rename rtl8139.sys to rtnicxp.sys
6.  Open Device Manager, Click Update Driver.
7.  Browse my computer for drive software
8.  Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer <--- This is key.
9.  Click Have Disk, and navigate to the NetrtOEM.inf in the temp
folder on your desktop 10.  If you get an error about the driver not
being digitally signed, that's good, you are installing the right
10. Now the network can work now.
11. After the network is enabled, update the audio driver using the
method "Searching automatically for the updated driver software".

2007/6/27, Adnan Misherfi <address@hidden>:
I have posted/read other posts regarding rtl8139 in qemu not working
with VISTA 32bit.
Does any one know if there is a fix for this one? I have tried to debug
this, but not sure what is
VISTA 32bit driver is expecting. Qemu writes rx buffers to guest memory,
but it looks like they are ignored
by the guest rtl8139 driver.

Any Ideas of what is going on?



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