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Re: [Qemu-devel] rtl8139 not working with VISTA 32bit

From: Adnan Misherfi
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] rtl8139 not working with VISTA 32bit
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 16:33:28 -0400
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Steven Hu wrote:
> This is a tested step by step enable the network and audio under
> vista32 on Xen.
> 1. Download latest Vista driver for the RTL8139 series cards from the
> Realtek site. There is one dated 2007/4/26, version 6.103. I used
> this file.
> 2. Install the files, follow setup. If your Vista crashed, please go
> to the Save Mode and remove the network driver.
> 3. Copy C:\Program Files\Realtek\VISTA_8139\WINVISTA\NetrtOEM.inf to
> a folder called 'Temp' on your Vista desktop.
> 4. Find a Server 2003 machine, and copy C:\Windows\system32\drivers
> \rtl8139.sys (I Using ISO file under Linux) to the same Temp folder on
> your Vista desktop.
> 5. Rename rtl8139.sys to rtnicxp.sys
> 6. Open Device Manager, Click Update Driver.
> 7. Browse my computer for drive software
> 8. Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer <--- This is key.
> 9. Click Have Disk, and navigate to the NetrtOEM.inf in the temp
> folder on your desktop 10. If you get an error about the driver not
> being digitally signed, that's good, you are installing the right
> driver.
> 10. Now the network can work now.
> 11. After the network is enabled, update the audio driver using the
> method "Searching automatically for the updated driver software".
> 2007/6/27, Adnan Misherfi <address@hidden>:
>> I have posted/read other posts regarding rtl8139 in qemu not working
>> with VISTA 32bit.
>> Does any one know if there is a fix for this one? I have tried to debug
>> this, but not sure what is
>> VISTA 32bit driver is expecting. Qemu writes rx buffers to guest memory,
>> but it looks like they are ignored
>> by the guest rtl8139 driver.
>> Any Ideas of what is going on?
>> Regards
>> Adnan
Thanks for the reply, It is good work around the problem. I was hopping
to get the qmue emulation working with
32bit vista rtl8139 driver. After a long debugging sessions it is still
not clear where the problem is!.



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